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Tim Thomas: You can never trust a firstie firstie!


mmmmrooooooarrrr, I'm a bear!

Out of all the positions, a goalie is probably the most important. He stops goals, and if he’s Ron Hextall he can also score goals. Along with being the most important, it also seems like goalies are the hardest quality commodity to come by. Great goalies can easily be come mediocre goalies from season to season: Ray Emery, although whether or not he was great is debatable, and Cam Ward come to mind, and of course the ever present $4.5 million dollar a year enigma that is Manny Fernandez, here in Boston. Injury can easily derail a great netminder, and god forbid the word “wonky” enters into your net minders lexicon, as Rick Dipetrio and well, look at that, Manny Fernandez, again! You may be surprised, but that is about all the Manny bashing I’ve got for today, the rest is the smooth sounds of Tim Thomas praise.

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