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Bruins Live Blog! Bruins vs. Dirty Unclipped Canadiens 11/13/2008


Hello my little seamonkeys, Alexandra Cabot here and tonight the Bruins take on the Habs. Wheeeee. Can you handle it? Sorry.

Both teams are getting ready to hit the ice for warm ups and the ‘You’re Ghey’ chants have already started. One of these nights I’m going to have to explore.  But I will be here too keep you up to date on everything on the ice. Comment – chat it up and cheer on the B’s!

The press box is packed to the gills tonight. I usually end sitting next to the usual suspects, but tonight we’re surronded by every other news organization under the sun. Who doesn’t love a great rivalry?

Bruins starting six are:

L Milan Lucic

D Zdeno Chara, D Aaron Ward

C Phil Kessel, C Marc Savard

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You Ott to Know!

"That's right Marty you look away! Do I embrass you? DO I?!"

A triumphant return on a Monday morning for me here. Although, I did not make it into the drunk tank in Salem over the weekend I did manage to get myself drunk enough to the point where a keyboard looked like a bottle of wine, so hence no posting from me. Cameron did a swell job of holding down the fort and we all learned a little something about some fashion designer I’ve never heard of or cared about. I did manage to catch the last two periods of the slugfest that was the Dallas Stars game on Saturday night, and being two days behind, I’m not going to give you all the press clippings about how Marty Turco knows his teams sucks, but he sure doesn’t. They are everywhere in the Bruins blogsphere and maybe I’ll toss some links your way later. Instead, I am going to try and understand why Steve Ott got iced for nearly 15:00 minutes on Saturday night.

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Peter Schaefer Must Be Feeling Mighty Tall Against That Ceiling

Druggsy (Nate Thompson) was a good shit.
Druggsy (Nate Thompson) was a good shit.

Well, final cuts are coming up.  The Bruins need to have their opening day roster finalized by Wednesday, at 3 p.m., but due to waivers vagaries, they really need to have everything submitted by tomorrow.  With that known, let’s play Mohegan Sun oddsmaker, and lay odds on who’s getting cut.  This post will be obsolete in a few hours, we know, but still, it’s always fun to speculate. Continue reading