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Bruins Live Blog! Bruins vs. Dirty Unclipped Canadiens 11/13/2008


Hello my little seamonkeys, Alexandra Cabot here and tonight the Bruins take on the Habs. Wheeeee. Can you handle it? Sorry.

Both teams are getting ready to hit the ice for warm ups and the ‘You’re Ghey’ chants have already started. One of these nights I’m going to have to explore.  But I will be here too keep you up to date on everything on the ice. Comment – chat it up and cheer on the B’s!

The press box is packed to the gills tonight. I usually end sitting next to the usual suspects, but tonight we’re surronded by every other news organization under the sun. Who doesn’t love a great rivalry?

Bruins starting six are:

L Milan Lucic

D Zdeno Chara, D Aaron Ward

C Phil Kessel, C Marc Savard

Goal Manny Fernandez Continue reading


Bruins Live Blog For 11/08/2008 Bruins vs. Sabres


Hey everyone! Alexandra Cabot here in the press box and we’re getting ready for another night of Bruins hockey. Tonight the Bruins take on the first place, Buffalo Sabres. It’s Military Appreciation Night at the Garden, so I’m going to try to get in as many Full Metal Jacket, Platoon and Stripes references as possible and hopefully I can drop the term ‘tailhook’ inthere too. Extra points to those of you who can make a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ reference.  FYI, Aaron Ward donated $15,000  300 military people and their familes could come to tonight’s game. Class act.

The whiphers about the Bruins signing veternan free agent, Brendan Shanahan are getting louder. We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything during the game. Also, Blake Wheeler and Phil Kessel will be premiering their new looks thanks to the staff at Barbershop Lounge. Saucy!! More when the game start, see ya then!

Shane Hnidy is out for his second straight game and Tim Thomas is back in the goal…..

7:01 Correction! thanks to Tbred, Manny Fernandez is in fact in goal tonight. Shocker. Everything I’ve gotten so far has said it’s Thomas. Fire them, please! Continue reading

Death to the Gerbatross! Bruins / Sens Oct. 18 Recap

"I ain't black enough for this shit"

The Bruins played their best game of the young season last night and downed the Ottawa Senators 4-2. To start, thanks to Hub Hockey for directing preview coverage our way and we graciously accept their heartfelt apology, it was easy to accept because we like them a whole bunch and know they didn’t really mean it, they just drink too much sometimes, and say things they don’t mean, but then they cuddle us close and the sweet smell of whiskey on their breath lulls us to sleep.

I caught most of the first and second periods, but I had some people over so I wasn’t paying full attention. Also, I drank a lot of gin last night, after everyone left I made a valiant attempt to give you all a drunken recap, but the screen was so goddamn bright and it most likely would have been terribly incoherent, so instead you’ll get what I thought of the parts of the game I saw and made up analysis about the rest.

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What’s Bruin before the weekend? – Oct. 3

Not much going on this Friday afternoon as we wait to see what happens with the roster.

Rich Thompson at the Herald tells us what we already knew about the Bruins PK. [The Boston Herald]

Stanley Cup of Chowder pulled off the upset in Iron Ref, the finals await. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

Data proving the Bruins are a bunch of tough sons of bitches. [Two Minutes for Blogging]

Hilarious bone-head plays. Dennis Wideman, in his St. Louis Blues phase, makes it pretty high on the list. Also, there is something inherently funny about Ty Conklin. [Puck That Hit]

The Bruins play the New York Islanders at the Garden tomorrow at 4 PM. I’m sure cheap ass tickets are still available. By Sunday, the opening night roster should be set, let’s hope Marc Savard’s on it.

Also, the NHL officially opens tomorrow night in Europe, but if it ain’t in American I don’t give a damn.