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The Jumbotron Is Still Around

I'm baaaaaaack.

I'm baaaaaack.

Wow.  When John and I started The Jumbotron way back in the eighth month of 2008 A.D. (Anal Domination) I did not think we would ever make it past three posts.  After all, it took us about two and a half years to actually start the blog once we came up with the idea.  Then, when the season started, great folks like Hub Hockey, Cornelius Hardenbergh (and his Hockey Blog Adventure!), and that delicious Stanley Cup of Chowder started linking to us and we were getting tens of hits a day.  At that point, I never thought we’d make it 12 hours without posting.  Lo, and behold, here we are at the Thanksgiving point of the season, and not only has the blog not been updated in a fortnight (two weeks!) but I, Gabe, the “talent”, haven’t posted in almost a month.

A month!  I must admit, I didn’t think that working six nights a week would affect the blog that much, but, Jesus!  I haven’t sat down and watched a Bruins game since the Bruins lost to the Buffalo Sabres in a 2-2 shootout back in October!  Does this make me a bad fan?  A bad blogger?  No to the first, and hell yes to the second.  I’ve been running around like crazy, earning disposable income, that the blog just never came to the forefront all too often.  Then, when it did, I experienced the ultimate in computer malfunctions.   Something spilled all over my laptop.  No computer means no blogging.  No blogging means nonstop Mirror’s Edge on the PS3 and convincing my non-Australian friends to watch Summer Heights High on HBO.

But now, everything’s fixed.  I’ve got the rest of the week off from work to spend in Connecticut and relax with the blog.  Despite my work schedule not changing when I return, The Jumbotron will be back to its proud self.  Many thanks to John and Alexandra for keeping things going during my absence, your services are still needed, but no longer required.  The reins, they are in my hands for now.  Regular Jumbotron posting resumes tomorrow.