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Bruins Live Blog! Bruins vs. Dirty Unclipped Canadiens 11/13/2008


Hello my little seamonkeys, Alexandra Cabot here and tonight the Bruins take on the Habs. Wheeeee. Can you handle it? Sorry.

Both teams are getting ready to hit the ice for warm ups and the ‘You’re Ghey’ chants have already started. One of these nights I’m going to have to explore.  But I will be here too keep you up to date on everything on the ice. Comment – chat it up and cheer on the B’s!

The press box is packed to the gills tonight. I usually end sitting next to the usual suspects, but tonight we’re surronded by every other news organization under the sun. Who doesn’t love a great rivalry?

Bruins starting six are:

L Milan Lucic

D Zdeno Chara, D Aaron Ward

C Phil Kessel, C Marc Savard

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Bruins Live Blog For 11/08/2008 Bruins vs. Sabres


Hey everyone! Alexandra Cabot here in the press box and we’re getting ready for another night of Bruins hockey. Tonight the Bruins take on the first place, Buffalo Sabres. It’s Military Appreciation Night at the Garden, so I’m going to try to get in as many Full Metal Jacket, Platoon and Stripes references as possible and hopefully I can drop the term ‘tailhook’ inthere too. Extra points to those of you who can make a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ reference.  FYI, Aaron Ward donated $15,000  300 military people and their familes could come to tonight’s game. Class act.

The whiphers about the Bruins signing veternan free agent, Brendan Shanahan are getting louder. We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything during the game. Also, Blake Wheeler and Phil Kessel will be premiering their new looks thanks to the staff at Barbershop Lounge. Saucy!! More when the game start, see ya then!

Shane Hnidy is out for his second straight game and Tim Thomas is back in the goal…..

7:01 Correction! thanks to Tbred, Manny Fernandez is in fact in goal tonight. Shocker. Everything I’ve gotten so far has said it’s Thomas. Fire them, please! Continue reading

Bruins Game Live Blogging for 11/6/2008 Boston vs. Toronto


Hi everyone! Once again we’ll be live from the Garden giving you the complete scoop on what’s going on during tonight’s game and a little insight on the game and the world we live in. Stellar, I know – try to compose yourself. On a side note, they’re pumping in the audio from the Sam Adam’s event and we’re right under the speaker listening to a awful rendition of ‘Dancing With Myself’.

– Alexandra

6:32 pm The Bruins and Toronto are on the ice and doing some drills. For those of you looking for another hard hitting informative blog, may I recommend Mark Stuart’s? He hits on such hard hitting topics such as where exactly is the North End. Matt Hunwick is playing tonight and Thomas will be in the goal…. Continue reading

Blogging from the Bruins game

Instead of offering certain members of the Bruins my services as the team’s slump pump, I’m going to be live at the Bruins game tonight keeping you up to date on all of the action. Why? Because I can and it keeps me off the streets….

– Cameron

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Bruins/Sabres Preview: Home Opener Hangover Edition

Sabres Goalie Ryan Miller would cry if he was given the opportunity to touch this man's lapel.  Would you cry if you touched ANY man's lapel?

Sabres Goalie Ryan Miller would cry if he was given the opportunity to touch this man's lapel. Would YOU cry if you touched ANY man's lapel?

Well, the Bruins road tour of the Northeast division continues, as the Bruins take their three game point streak into Buffalo, NY’s HSBC arena.  There’s a lot to be said about the Buffalo Sabres, a team that missed the playoffs last year.  For instance, they feature Thomas Vanek, the NHL’s current leading scorer.  The Bruins, on the other hand, feature Marc Savard and Phil Kessel, two of the NHL’s OTHER leading scorers.  Checkmate?  Bingo?  We sunk your battleship?

However, in doing my research on the Sabres in advance of tonight’s game, I have stumbled upon a few things, of which I have made some hi-larious observations.  Those will take precedence.  Everything the Bruins fans need to know about Buffalo and their hockey team will be found after the jump.

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Down There, In the Garden, I Keep My Shit Hidden Like Bin Laden

David Krejci is so crazy.  </i>How crazy is he?</i>  He's SO crazy, he thinks he just scored a goal.

David Krejci is so crazy. He thinks this counts as a goal!

Well, John is right.  I was biding my time (read: sleeping) before unleashing my thoughts about last night’s game upon the unsuspecting public.  I’ve also titled this post in such a way as to drive extra traffic to the site.  This is as political as The Jumbotron gets!  Well, I’ll link to this too.  But that’s it for the politics.

As a spectator, I can’t really ask for much more than that in a hockey game.  I’ll go on the record as being appreciative of the shootout during the regular season, and while it’s a disappointing loss, I can’t deny that it wasn’t an exciting one (double negative just made my head explode).  However, as a fan of the Bruins, this WAS a disappointing loss.  This is a severely depleted Penguins squad, featuring a backup goalie with a career save percentage under .900 and a sub-.500 record and the Bruins still couldn’t squeeze out a second point.  All credit to Dany Sabourin, Michel Therrien, and the rest of the Penguins, they played out of their minds, Sabourin, especially, but the Bruins should have wrapped this one up in regulation with the way they were playing.  Five shots in the 3rd?  Will anyone get this reference, if I make it?

But let’s take off the complainey pants and put on the thong of recapping, because this WAS a great experience, and the Bruins did put forth a great effort.  Bullet points, ho!

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Penguins/Bruins Out-Depth Pre-Game: Home Sweet Home

Tim Thomas failed to hold L1 and flick the right analog stick in time.

Tim Thomas failed to hold L1 and flick the right analog stick in time.

And so, after eleven days, two wins, and two losses (What? A shootout loss, is still a loss, remember?) the Bruins come home to…roost? Hibernate? Make a nest? Anyway, the Bruins return to the TD Banknorth Garden now that the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus has graciously accepted the offer to take their theatre of cruelty elsewhere.

As John said, both of us will be attending the game after I sacrificed an extra few hours of sleep on a Saturday morning and waited in line for an hour and a half to purchase tickets that, optimism aside, are really rather shitty, considering they cost 88 bucks each. The mystique and anticipation surrounding a return to the Garden after the thrilling Game 6 win over Montreal last April has been lessened for me somewhat, due to my preseason jaunt, but it’s still exciting to see hockey back in action again. Too exciting to put into words.

The excitement of heading back to the Garden prevents me from writing a really in-depth preview, as there’s just too much I want to say, and too little time to say it, but let’s just go over a few things. In video.

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