You Ott to Know!

"That's right Marty you look away! Do I embrass you? DO I?!"

A triumphant return on a Monday morning for me here. Although, I did not make it into the drunk tank in Salem over the weekend I did manage to get myself drunk enough to the point where a keyboard looked like a bottle of wine, so hence no posting from me. Cameron did a swell job of holding down the fort and we all learned a little something about some fashion designer I’ve never heard of or cared about. I did manage to catch the last two periods of the slugfest that was the Dallas Stars game on Saturday night, and being two days behind, I’m not going to give you all the press clippings about how Marty Turco knows his teams sucks, but he sure doesn’t. They are everywhere in the Bruins blogsphere and maybe I’ll toss some links your way later. Instead, I am going to try and understand why Steve Ott got iced for nearly 15:00 minutes on Saturday night.

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Blogging from the Bruins game

Instead of offering certain members of the Bruins my services as the team’s slump pump, I’m going to be live at the Bruins game tonight keeping you up to date on all of the action. Why? Because I can and it keeps me off the streets….

– Cameron

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Game 12: Dallas at Boston OMG SEAN AVERY *DIES*


For whom this may concern, our fearless leader John, decided to spend his Halloween in a degenerate drunk state. So while he’s sobering up in his local police department drunk tank and crying over whether  his newly acquired police record is going to affect whatever employment offers he receives in the near future – you’re stuck with the new gal again. Now given that I’m suppose to give the ‘female perspective’ (whatever the hell that is), I felt this would be the perfect time to talk about one of my favorite people in hockey right now. Sean Avery. And by that I don’t plan on posting half naked pictures of him or using sentences like, “OMG! MY SEANY IS LYKE SOOOOOO HAWT!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!! “(Please you know you wouldn’t kick him out of bed, ladies!) Plus the timing is perfect considering the Dallas Stars are in town to play the Bruins tonight. Sean Avery, how do I love thee….let me count the ways.

First and for most, I’m jealous that homeboy got to intern at Vogue. As someone who worships the deity that is Anna Wintour and her apostle, Andrea Leon Talley, I can’t not help but love that he embraces fashion. I love his outspoken demeanor and honesty (in layman terms: he’s an asshole) and it’s even more proof that all girls secretly want a bad boy. Continue reading

Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy – The Late Period Goal

"Gah! If only that had happened one second later"

“Ah, you got to be fucking kidding me, 40 freaking seconds left in the period!”
I feel like I yell that all the time. The Bruins play a fantastic period and are right in the mix: either up a goal, tied or down a goal. Then we enter into the last four minutes of the period and as time ticks down, I start to get nervous. I’ve seen it so many times, I can just feel its coming. A bad giveaway, a poor timed change, stupid penalty, soft goal, or just one shift where the line is out of gas, and a puck winds up in the back of the Bruins net. The biggest momentum killer ever, the late period goal.

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Game 11: Boston Bruins at Calgary Flames: Clean Up Canada Edition

Whichever one you think is the hottest, is exactly what new contributor Cameron Frye looks like.

Well, I never thought this day would come. No, really the thought never even crossed my mind that someone else would want to contribute to the site. So be gentle (or rough, I’m not here to tell how to get your jollies) and welcome Cameron Frye to The Jumbotron. Today, she brings you the preview for tonights game against the Calgary Flames. In the future, she may bring you live-blogs, game recaps, female intuition, or things I don’t even know exist. We’re a lot of things around here, but I think this finally proves we aren’t sexist. Or are we? At least we know Calgary is flaming…

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Slow Motion Not So Instant Replay – Oct. 30

Is that a long carom in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

"The twine in the back of that net doesn't look too sturdy"

I felt I was missing a lot of cool stuff rounding up things only on Sunday, so here’s some stuff to check out. I guess, I rounded up last Friday so it’s almost a week’s worth anyhow. Should be some big things are these parts later today. In the meantime enjoy the links.
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Game 10: Boston Bruins at Vancouver Cancuks: Infidelity Edition

I didn't make this, but it was the reason MS Paint was created.

Good luck to the Boston Bruins tonight as they take on the Vancouver Canucks. Good luck? Why would I possible have to wish a team with just enough so much skill, talent, and lack of understanding that a game ends after 60 minutes poise need luck? I’ll tell you why.
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