Bruins Live Blog! Bruins vs. Dirty Unclipped Canadiens 11/13/2008


Hello my little seamonkeys, Alexandra Cabot here and tonight the Bruins take on the Habs. Wheeeee. Can you handle it? Sorry.

Both teams are getting ready to hit the ice for warm ups and the ‘You’re Ghey’ chants have already started. One of these nights I’m going to have to explore.  But I will be here too keep you up to date on everything on the ice. Comment – chat it up and cheer on the B’s!

The press box is packed to the gills tonight. I usually end sitting next to the usual suspects, but tonight we’re surronded by every other news organization under the sun. Who doesn’t love a great rivalry?

Bruins starting six are:

L Milan Lucic

D Zdeno Chara, D Aaron Ward

C Phil Kessel, C Marc Savard

Goal Manny Fernandez

7:10Game on…myself and another member of the media are trying to decide what the over /under of fights will be tonight….

7:11 GOAL!!!!!!  Shawn Thornton scores first for the night. Oddly enough, the USA chants start. That was Thornton’s first goal of the season.

7:14 Kessel made a great shot, that was blocked by Price.  Price is coming off his first shut out of the season – but the game prior, he gave up six goals. Here’s to hoping tonight’s a cake walk for the B’s!

7:16 Cary Price just plamed a shot by Marco Sturm.

7:17 Ok, so mentioned previously, we were trying to figure out the over/under of fights tonight. He said 2 1/2 -I said 5.  P.S. Why was no hooking call made??

7:22 That shot that Ryder just took was pathetic! Great save by Fernandez and Wideman!

7:24 Kobasew just got quite an ovation for slamming into the boards.  Who dresses up like a bear and comes to the game? And by bear, I mean a cute bear…not a blood hungry beast.

7:27 After Alex Kovalev ate some ice thanks c/o Milan Lucic, Christopher Higgins try to start something with Lucic. Montreal gets it’s first power play opportunity of the night. Axellson is in the bin for two minutes on a holding call.

7:30 Yelle gave up his stick to Chara who broke his and did a great job distracting the Habs.

7:36 I thought Ryder just lost his helmet and I had to control my urge to laugh. PLease refer to the ‘Hat Removal’ video on YouTube.

7:37 GOAL!!! Bruins now lead, 2-0

7:38 That was the second goal this season for Stephane Yelle, assisted by Thornton & Kobasew.

7:39 I’ll buy beer to whoever wants to guess who’s sitting next to me.

7:41 First power play opportunity for the Bruins….Montreal’s Markov just got called for interference!!!!

7:42 GOAL!!! Sturm on a Kessel assist. 3-0 BOston!

First Period is over Bruins are currently leading 3-0!

8:00 Second period is ready to start! They’re on the ice and let’s go Bruins!!

8:02 Boullion just got 2 mins for holding, power play opportunity for the B’s!

8:05 And i’m still willing to buy booze to whoever can figure out who I’m sitting next to.

8:06 GOAL!!!!!! 2nd power play goal of tbe night thanks to Marco Sturm. His second of the night.

8:11 Bruins are leading 4-0.

8:17 After bitching and moaning about the call, Montreal’s Francis Bouillon is in the box for 2 mins for a delay of game call.

8:20 Cheap shot by Sergei Kostityn on Dennis Wideman.

8:24 It was bound to happen, you didn’t think MAnny would have gotten a shut out, did ya? The dirty Candadiens just scored their first goal of the night.

8:27 What is it with people and cameras that make them want to act like complete douche nozzles in front of 15,000 people??

8:28 Can Michael Ryder do anything right?

8:32 Marc Savard is in the bin for two minutes for slashing. And the B’s are playing sloppy.

8:34 Ference just went down and almost a puck to the face.

8:35 Second period is over, Boston still leads 4-1.

8:51 And the bear goes grrrr…..Now that wasn’t akward at all…..

8:52 Third period is starting and the garden is wicked loud. Ughhh.

8:54 Lucic is throwing some muscle around.

8:55 Nice save by Fernandez, Mark Stuart(45!!!!) had to smack some Habs around….

8:57 Seriously, Ryder?

8:59 The goal is wide open, not once- but twice and the B’s still miss it.

9:00 THANK YOU! Fifth goal of the night c/o  Milan Lucic! Bruins lead 5-1 over Montreal.

9:04 Lucic is a beast!


9:11 Second game Price has give up six goals, shall we go for seven?

9:12 Just saw the Pat’s score…..atleast one team from New England is winning tonight!

9:16 Why is it, whenever there’s some sort of a bonehead move – Ryder is on the ice?

9:18 Instead of getting knocked down again, Wideman decided to try to take someone down himself. But headbutting them in the crotch.

9:20 Tonight’s fan of the night, as voted upon by the fans here was the douche nozzle in the Bear suit. Grrr

9:21 Everyone is starting to pack up with 4:30 left in the final period. Lindsay Lohan’s New Jersey cousin(not really, but I imagine that’s what she would look like) is strutting around the press box. It’s kinda amusing watching the heads turn.

9:25 We’re going to start packing it in and head down to the locker room! One minute to go!!!!


7 responses to “Bruins Live Blog! Bruins vs. Dirty Unclipped Canadiens 11/13/2008

  1. BearBeatsIndian

    I was so tired from going to B’s game in Chicago last night that I had forgotten they were playing the Habs tonight. Sounds like a pretty sweet first period. And I guess that, um, Cam Neely is sitting next to you.

  2. BearBeatsIndian

    Did anyone hear Jack Edwards describe the “You’re Gay” chant and “Ole with an irish lilt”?

  3. I am just reading over this after the game.,,…Am I missing something or did you not even mention Lucic’s fight? after mentioning a bunch of times about the over under for fights with some Habs press?

    And I am pretty sure that the Bruins were never leading 2-1 at the 7:37 mark of the 1st period.

    Great game though. Exciting to watch.

  4. Dear Negative Nancy,

    Sometimes people make a typos and we did mention the fight at 9:04, sorry I could’t give a vivid description of each punch to your liking.


  5. Don’t worry. Just some constructive criticism. A blow by blow description of that amazing fight would have been pretty good.

    Love the Blog though, keep it coming

  6. well, that’s why god made television. plus, i’m not there just to write for jumbotron, somwhere else pays the bills and gets the blow by blow…..

  7. You suck. update more

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