Bruins Live Blog For 11/08/2008 Bruins vs. Sabres


Hey everyone! Alexandra Cabot here in the press box and we’re getting ready for another night of Bruins hockey. Tonight the Bruins take on the first place, Buffalo Sabres. It’s Military Appreciation Night at the Garden, so I’m going to try to get in as many Full Metal Jacket, Platoon and Stripes references as possible and hopefully I can drop the term ‘tailhook’ inthere too. Extra points to those of you who can make a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ reference.  FYI, Aaron Ward donated $15,000  300 military people and their familes could come to tonight’s game. Class act.

The whiphers about the Bruins signing veternan free agent, Brendan Shanahan are getting louder. We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything during the game. Also, Blake Wheeler and Phil Kessel will be premiering their new looks thanks to the staff at Barbershop Lounge. Saucy!! More when the game start, see ya then!

Shane Hnidy is out for his second straight game and Tim Thomas is back in the goal…..

7:01 Correction! thanks to Tbred, Manny Fernandez is in fact in goal tonight. Shocker. Everything I’ve gotten so far has said it’s Thomas. Fire them, please!7:05 Starting line up: Lucic, Savard, Kessel, Wideman, Ference  and in goal, Manny Ferenandez.

7:09 We’re sitting above the entire Sabres fan base….fyi, expect to see graham cracker bones Kobasew on the ice tonight.

7:16 Great save by Manny, Bergy made two great attempts on goal that were stopped. For the record, they moved us and we’re not happy with our seat. We need to invest in a smaller laptop.

7:22 Thornton just fell on his ass and with 10:00 mins left in the first period, the Sabres just scored their first goal of the night. It’s just as loud as it is win the B’s score, which is pathetic and why isn’t the Tank in there?

7:29 Adolfo Gonzalez from WBCN’s Toucher and Rich show is here and proceeded to show the patrons of the Garden his tits. Mine are still bigger, thank God.

7:32 There’s a reason why Buffalo is in first place. I think it has something to do with the fact they can stand on their skartes. I don’t know what the hell is going on with the B’s, but they’re playing really sloppy tonight.

7:36 Internetz is sucking tonight. Chuck Kobasew got into a shoving match with Maxim A on their way back to the bench. Miller is doing a great job for Buffalo tonight.

7:38 WIDEMAN GOAL!!!!!!!! With 2:24 left in the first period, Dennis Wideman just scored the first goal of the night for the Bruins.

7:40 That was the fourth goal this season for Wideman – Yelle & Kobasew on the assist.

8:03 We’re back for the second period and we’re tied 1-1.


8:05 After missing the last nine games with a fractured leg, Chuck Kobasew just scored his first goal of the seaon on an assist by Shawn Thornton. Who’s oddly enough, shy in the locker room when there’s a camera. Chara open handed smacked Patrick Kaleta. Milan Lucic is in the sin bin for 2 mins thanks to an interference call. First power play for Buffalo tonight….

8:13 GOAL!!!! MARC SAVARD!!!!!

8:14 Phil Kessel’s shot was blocked, but Kessel’s loss was Savard’s gain. Kessel is being credited with the assist and the Bruins lead 3-1.

8:15 The poet laureate of Causway Street, Mark Stuart has left his broken stick on the ice and they say artists are flighty…..

8:24 Great catch save by Fernandez. It’s not as bad as last Saturday’s game against the Stars, but they’re definitely playing rough tonight.

8:30 Ryder made a great attempt to score his third goal of the season and to no one’s surprise, failed.

8:34 The Bruins and Manny Fernandez are doing a great job defending their goal. Bruins are currently leading 3-1. It’s now time for Tom Carron to rethink his career at Nesn.

8:53 Game on! Third period, Bruins lead the Sabres, 3-1!

8:55 Buffalo just got a two minute hooking call, first power play opportunity for the Bruins…and can the security guard not stand behind me. Ass is creeping me out!

8:59 It’s really awkward being the only person in the press box that’s into the game and shows emotion. Lucic is roughing up everyone. With 11:41 and a 3-1 lead, maybe a fight? Maybe yes? Maybe nevah?

9:05 Aww it’s Shane Hnidy’s birthday. Stuart’s in the box for 2 mins thanks to a hooking  call, 2nd power play opportunity for the Sabres.

9:09 Fernandez has been doing a great job tonight, oddly enough. Playing like a great back up goalie should….here comes Stuart out of the box, Buffalo is 0-2 when it comes to power play sitatuions. Chara is now joining in on the roughing up of Buffalo.

9:17 3:30 left in the third period, Bruins lead 3-1. Buffalo had gone 5-0-1 when they’ve scored first.

9:21 one mintue left! Going to the locker room for interviews!!!! Bruins win!!!


3 responses to “Bruins Live Blog For 11/08/2008 Bruins vs. Sabres

  1. NESN is saying that Fernandez is in net…

  2. BearBeatsIndian

    You should blatantly just yell and get all excited about the game, thus turning the awkwardness from you to the other reporters. Make sure to act all chummy with them so they feel even more uncomfortable.

  3. BearBeatsIndian, that’s a good way to get kicked out of the press box. I’m pretty sure the team is pretty clear that you’re there to do a job rather than get a free ticket to the game…

    …but I’ve never had media access. I pay to get in like everyone else. And I love going crazy and chanting and all that stuff, so personally I wouldn’t change it.

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