Game 13: Toronto Maple Leafs at Boston Bruins – Socalist Edition

Bruins Canadiens Hockey

"OOOOOOOOOO I hope no one notices...."

Life has been busy lately, so my apologies on the kind of thin posts. Halloween, a new documentary to edit, and a few days off for the Bruins make John lazy something something, but those pesky Canadians come back to the Garden tonight, no not those Canadians, the other team from Canada, the Maple Leafs.

I attempted to do a fill in the blank, mad libs styled preview. It was so painfully unfunny, I almost posted it to see if people would laugh at me, instead of with me.  Then I thought, I do this socialist thing and just redistribute the wealth and just plagiarize all the other fine Bruins blogs out there.  As you can tell that didn’t happen either.  Some random conjectures:

Really Glen Murray?  You’re a cement truck, get over it.

Shane Hnidy has a bad case of the California blues, ints undisclosed though, mostly in his lower body.

How much does Marco Sturm look like at the end of the Bruins commercials on NESN. He loves to roar when he scores!

God bless Phil Kessel for that “Survivor” piece he did at MGH and was up on For once, that was serious, back to the sarcasm, Kessel was so bewildered that he had a jersey and good god, it had numbers on it, and they were his! But what’s he going to wear tonight at the game?! I bet he had a slight panic attack.

For as good as the Bruins have been this year, we are only slightly better than the Maple Leafs. What a depressing sentence.

Alex Auld down in Ottawa, how about it? I always liked Auld, one day I’ll put up his masks, they are all awesome.

Speaking of masks, Thomas wears a “Mage”. Mask + Cage = “Mage”

Duty calls. live blog will go down tonight



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