Bruins Game Live Blogging for 11/6/2008 Boston vs. Toronto


Hi everyone! Once again we’ll be live from the Garden giving you the complete scoop on what’s going on during tonight’s game and a little insight on the game and the world we live in. Stellar, I know – try to compose yourself. On a side note, they’re pumping in the audio from the Sam Adam’s event and we’re right under the speaker listening to a awful rendition of ‘Dancing With Myself’.

– Alexandra

6:32 pm The Bruins and Toronto are on the ice and doing some drills. For those of you looking for another hard hitting informative blog, may I recommend Mark Stuart’s? He hits on such hard hitting topics such as where exactly is the North End. Matt Hunwick is playing tonight and Thomas will be in the goal….6:47 pm No drunken zamboni drivers on the ice tonight and I kinda wish there was.

6:58 pm OK, we get it….they want it.  <douche chills>

7:08 pm Starting for the Bruins tonight: Milan Lucic, Zdeno Chara, Aaron Ward’of the Rings’, Phil Kessel , Marc Savard & Tim ‘No Respect’ Thomas. Shane Hnidy is a scratch for tonight’s game – hence why Hunwick is in and Wheeler is now wearing #26.

7:11 pm Tonight is Chara’s 700th NHL game – maybe he’ll score. I know crazy, right? Let’s not get our hopes up.

7:13 pm Ference served up a shot and Nik Antropov got in the way – first power play of the night for the Bruins, thanks to an interference call c/o of Toronto’s Alexei Ponikarovsky.

7:15 pm Bruins aren’t passing the puck all that well tonight – hopefully…..spoke to soon! GOAL! Wideman just socred the first goal of the night during the power play. Goal was assisted by Ference & Krejci. That was Ference’s 100th career assist.

7:22 pm Goal #2 of the night thanks to Blake Wheeler(4th goal of the season) on assist by Dennis Wideman, second power play goal for the night. FYI

7:24 pm Toronto’s Jason Blake decided to jumpship, join another team and landed on the Bruin’s bench thanks to a slam by Mark Stuart.

7:26 pm I know this is cruel – but the look of the dude in the wheel chair when he saw the ice girls was priceless.

7:30 pm Dominic Moore took a hard hit on the ice due to a Nokelaninen interference.

7:33 pm B’s made it thru the power play with out giving up a goal(shocker) and Thomas made a great save. Lucic’s glass shattering incident is already a trivia question. Congrats to Van Ryan for your new spot in Bruin’s history.

7:39 pm With 1:00 min left in the first period – power play time for the Bruins. Toronto’s Ponikarovsky for high sticking….Bruins are 2-2 during the power play tonight.

7:41 pm First period is over and the Bruins lead the Maple Leafs 2-0.

8:03 pm And we’re back…..slight technical issue….

8:06 pm GOAL!!!!!

8:07 pm  David Krejci just got his second assist for the night. Blake Wheeler got his second goal of the night(fifth this season) thanks to assists by Marco Sturm and Krejci.

8:12 pm That was a cheap shot on Thornton.

8:15 pm Another great save by Thomas. Can I recommend a dance off between the Mustache guy, Dancin’ Guy and Gino?

8:20 pm OK, ummm seriously….do we really need a ‘Yankee’s Suck’ chant?

8:28 pm It’s been quiet this period, besided the goal in the first part of the period. 1:35 left in the second period.

8:30 pm Chara just checked Jamal Mayers and knocked his stick out of his hands. Mayers had to do the obligatory cartoon shake it off head motion to get back into the game.

8:31 pm And that’s your second period. It was quiet, but the B’s scored another goal and lead the Maple Leafs, 3-0. On a side note, I wonder if Tom Carron is hammered when he does pee wee hockey color commentary?

8:49 pm Game on! Let’s finish them off!!!

8:52 pm I didn’t want to see a shut out tonight. Nah, why would I want to see that. Alex Steen scored his second goal of the season and got one past the tank. Bruins still lead, 3-1.

8:55 pm Injury update, Antropov who took the brunt of a shot and brought to his knees thanks to Ference in the first period won’t be returning for the final period.  He injurned his tootsies.

9:05 pm The refs aren’t making many calls and the third period is flying by, much to the fans chagrin(sp?). There’s been a few cheap shots on the Bruins, but no call on Toronto. But Marc Savard has just been sent to the  bin for 2 mins for slashing. Power Play opportunity of Toronto.

9:09 pm Chara is joining Savard in the box for slashing.

9:11 pm The Bruins and Tim Thomas are doing a great job protecting the goal….20 seconds left of the power play!

9:15 pm 3:15 left in the 3rd period!

9:16 pm GOAL!!!! ZDENO CHARA!!!!!!

9:17 pm So evidently he was waiting for his 700th game to score his first goal this season.

9:18 pm And by the sound of the USA chants, Toronto scored again. 4-2, Boston.

9:19 pm HOLY FUCKIKNG HAT TRICK!!! WHEELER!!!! BRUINS WIN!!!! 5-2!!! We’re going to the locker room folks!!!! SEE YA!!!


3 responses to “Bruins Game Live Blogging for 11/6/2008 Boston vs. Toronto

  1. BearBeatsIndian

    I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty jealous. I’m stuck here at work doing space shit, but I would much rather be drunk and yelling unsolicited, uninformed advice at hockey players I don’t know.

  2. Hey, if it’s any consulation – I can’t do it from here and when I show the slightest bit of emotion, I get stares the stupid reporters….

  3. Hey, way to get media access. How’d that happen? I just go to the games on my own dime and then do recaps later – too much likelihood of beer+laptop=tears in the seats.

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