Blogging from the Bruins game

Instead of offering certain members of the Bruins my services as the team’s slump pump, I’m going to be live at the Bruins game tonight keeping you up to date on all of the action. Why? Because I can and it keeps me off the streets….

– Cameron

Live blog is behind the cut tag!!

6:09 pm I’m at the games and to be terribly honest, I’m friggin freezing. No matter what I wear or do, I’m never going to be warm in here. The fans are starting to come in and the kids who will be skating during intermission and the loudest little bastards I’ve ever heard. If you ever need some free birth control, call me and you can listen to them screech and you’ll be all good.

Some pre-game notes, Coach Claude Juiled isn’t happy with Marco Sturm and basically said hopeboy is a hotmess and needs to work on EVERYTHING. That’s probably why he moved him tonight. We’ll see if that works. Chuck Kobasew is expect to play on Thursday, hopefully he can keep his graham cracker brittle bones together thru the rest of the season and thru the play-offs. He stressed the importance of scoring during the pk(duh?) and talked about their struggles…

With that said – I’m going to get some tea and popcorn and I’ll back back with more updates…it’s like being at the game without the sweaty man beasts, the ice, ice girls, expensive beer and drunken kids from East Boston fighting with kids from Fall River.

6:46 pm The line up looks like this tonight…Thanks Fluto….he was working hard while I was eating my 5 dollar press dinner. Yum raw pizza.

7:01 pm I know the “Want It”, but I get the worst case of the douche chills when the show that opening.

7:05 pm Why are you cheering for Ryder and Chara when they’ve done nothing…..

7:08 pm Game is about to start…Let’s go!

7:10 pm Great block by Thomas…

7:11 pm GOAL! Bruins 1-0\

7:12 pm Well, look who deceided to join the party? Goal scored by Marco Sturm….assister by Wheeler & Krejchi….

7:17 pm A member of the ice crew just took a massive digger…way to make impression.

7:20 pm It’s kids night tonight….God help us.

7:22 pm Sean Avery just scored the first goal for the Dallas Stars….his name was just announced and I’m going to say that the fans here don’t have the same feelings for him as I do.

7:24 pm Ward just got 2 mins for holding for PP first of the night.

7:25 pm Chara just tried to crush Avery…..

7:28 pm First power play situation for the Bruins

7:34 pm Harry and Lloyd from Dumb & Dumber in their amazing suits are here tonight.

7:39 pm Avery was sent to the bin, 2nd power play for the Bruins.

7:45 pm End of the first period, Marc Stuart had to be seperated from Steve Ott and Aaron Ward had some words for former teammate, Sean Avery. We’re tied 1-1.

7:57 pm Both teams made 10 attempts

8:00 pm Bruins are coming back on the ice…..hopefully they’re recharged and ready.

8:02 pm Shawn Thornton and Steve Ott just got pulled apart for fighting and the captains are being briefed….

8:06 pm Thornton is in the box for 4 mins for fighting. Steve Ott is now in there for hooking…2 mins.

8:07 pm GOAL!!!!!! Unassisted goal by Patrice Bergeron, 2-1 Bruins

8:11 pm Chara just knocked Ott on his ass…

8:12 pm I’ll buy dinner to whoever takes a pictures of themselves having sex while wearing their Goalie Give-Away Mask you can get tonight….

8:13 pm It’s fight night in the Garden, nothing major just yet – but something is brewing. Steve Ott & Avery are in the 2 mins, while Shane Hnidy and Lucic are in for 2 – they’re all in for unsportsman like conduct.

8: 17 pm Mark Stuart is showing some muscle and now there’s three members of Dallas in the bin. More in a min….Blake Wheeler just went into the penalty box….

8:19 pm Blake Wheeler just got 2 mins for hooking, James Neil from Dallas for goal tender interference…..So now there’s 6 of thme in box .

8: 21 pm They just cleared them out and now Ryder is in there for roughing…atleast he’s doing something.

8:27 pm I don’t think I’m going out on a limb for saying this, but – Steve Ott is a douche. David Krejchi just knocked Mark Fistric on his ass…

8:31 pm He’s not scoring, but atleast Chara is slapping the shit out of people tonight….fans are having a shouting match with Avery & Ott.

8:37 pm Andy Ference just got tagged with a delay of game penalty – the Stars are so far 0-4 during power plays and Dennis Wideman is joining him for slashing….t.o. Dallas.

8:45 pm Bruins lead 2-1, second period DUNZO! potty time! BRB

9:02 pm Third period is starting!Let’s go, Bruins!!

9:07 pm 14, 576 people showed up to tonight’s game….

910 pm Kessel just scored the Bruins 3rd goal for the night, Bruins lead 3-1! 7th goal this season for Kessel

9:12 pm Ference and Avery just went at it, after Ference nailed Ott -Andy gave the fans what they wanted. 5 min penalty for both for fighting. Steve Ott joins Avery for 2 mins for holding

9:17 pm Stuart’s got a fire under his ass tonight, he tossed the gloves off and tried to get into it with Ott.

9:20 pm Marty Turco  & Steve Ott for 2 mins for interference & roughing, Lucic 2 mins for roughing during that skirmish

9:23 pm As your mom’s favorite gay once said, ‘Saturday night’s alright for fighting’. Shawn Thornton just went after Krystofer Barch – they’re both in the bin for 5 a piece for fighting!

9:25 pm GOAL!!!! 4 -1 Bruins….OMG MARK STUART SCORED A GOAL?????

9:31 pm Elton’s playing and Lucic & Hnidy were just tossed for fighting

9:35 pm Correction everyone is getting 10 min misconduct penalties – so with 8:16 left in the game it’s pointless….Avery is out too…. The locker room is going to fun tonight.

9:39 pm Dallas has lost : Ott, Avery & Niskanen…Boston has lost: Lucic, Savard & Hindy….Morrow just got 2 mins for hooking, Bruins are o-5 during the power play….GOAL!!!!!!!!!!

9:41 pm Marco Sturm scored his second goal for the night- maybe seperating him and Bergy wasn’t a bad thing?

9:48 pm We’re packing up now so we can get on the first elevator down. See You in the locker room!


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