Slow Motion Not So Instant Replay – Oct. 30

Is that a long carom in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

"The twine in the back of that net doesn't look too sturdy"

I felt I was missing a lot of cool stuff rounding up things only on Sunday, so here’s some stuff to check out. I guess, I rounded up last Friday so it’s almost a week’s worth anyhow. Should be some big things are these parts later today. In the meantime enjoy the links.

In relation to those hockey playing bears:

  • [Boston Blue Line] 12-step programs are normally for bad things, although being a Bruins fan makes me feel like an alcoholic.
  • [Stanley Cup of Chowder Part 1Part 2] I also, like to over analyze things. I hope one day there is a way to measure statistics named after me. Something along the lines of a turkey sandwich to meal ratio in regards to body weight.
  • [Wicked Bruins Fan] Warm-ups normally get missed by most of the fans, enjoy a closer look.

10 Game Recaps (or as I like to call it, the season so far):

Some other things worth a peek:

  • [A Theory of Ice] Hockey in Taiwan, on their terms. I can’t rave enough about A Theory of Ice, always well thought out interesting reads over there.
  • [Barry Melrose Rocks] Q & A with the producer of the new documentary film Pond Hockey.
  • [Barry Melrose Rocks] Back on the Youtube addiction, the new Nike Steve Stamkos commercial.
  • [FAUX Rumors] Rick Dipietro’s not worried, he knows the economy will go back up sometime in the next 13 years.
  • [From the Rink] Limited growth in Boston. On a related note, Marc Savard grew half an inch last year, Zdeno Chara still pats him on the head like a little puppy.
  • [Going Five Hole follow up at Puck Daddy] Pencil me in as an Adam Mair fan. I’ve never liked Chris Neil or Jarrko Ruutu, but then again they probably wouldn’t like me either.
  • [Hockey Dump] This is one of my favorite videos of all time. It’s the only time I’ve ever heard “tit fucker” used negatively.
  • [Illegal Curve] I don’t have kids, but when I do they I’ll make sure my wife knows exactly whats going on with on them, while I watch hockey. All joking aside, Drew Mitchell couldn’t be more right with this article.
  • [Kuklas Korner] Even Mother Teresa would call Tie Domi an asshole.
  • [Puck Daddy] NCAA natural short handed hat trick. If that doesn’t get you to click the link, you most likely don’t have a soul.

Nate Thompson is already super pissed he’s playing on the Island:

This one goes out to Bill. Everyone hates Chris Chelios, just ask Ron Hextall:



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