Game 10: Boston Bruins at Vancouver Cancuks: Infidelity Edition

I didn't make this, but it was the reason MS Paint was created.

Good luck to the Boston Bruins tonight as they take on the Vancouver Canucks. Good luck? Why would I possible have to wish a team with just enough so much skill, talent, and lack of understanding that a game ends after 60 minutes poise need luck? I’ll tell you why.

The Vancouver Canucks are a bunch of dog gone cheaters! They have been icing a seventh man and have almost 19,000 people on the roster.

“The Vancouver Canucks are pleased to announce the launch of the “7th Canuck” initiative to celebrate the passion of Canucks fans and their role in supporting the team over the years. Prior to each home game, one individual will act as an ambassador of Canucks fans and unveil the “7th Canuck” banner to symbolize the home-ice advantage Canucks fans provide to the team.”
[Kukalas Korner]

Not only has the team been cheating, but they have been flaunting it for the past weeks with mysterious ads, that even was stupid enough to run. At least at first they were coy with it, but now, oh no, they want everyone to know they are a bunch of cheaters with too many men on the ice. How must Tim Thomas (don’t kid yourself Manny Fernandez isn’t starting tonight, he’s not even Boston’s 19,001st man) feel after he listens to the wonderful Star-Spangled Banner and then has it rubbed his face that a 7th man will now also be shelling him all night. Zdeno Chara must feel only six feet tall compared to the Vancouver Canucks and their 3rd defenseman. How does little Phil Kessel feel that the Sedin twins get an extra man to pass them the puck when he only has one (praise the lord for Marc Savard becuase Michael “Bleach” Ryder isn’t putting the puck near anybody). Speaking of Micheal “Bleach” Ryder, you think its easy for to be invisable when there is 11 other men out there, now he has to avoid a 12th? He could easily bump into someone and his invisability cloak would break, and the crowd would shout “Hey, look its Michael Ryder! He doesn’t even know how to play hockey,” and it would be 4th grade dodgeball all over again for Michael “Bleach” Ryder. And just think how sad Vladmir Sobokta is reading the game program, “Ah, shucks healthy scratch again. If I played for Vancouver I’d be the last guy dressed!” Folks, the list goes on and on, heart breaking story after heart breaking story, just because the Vancouver Canucks can’t accept that they blow.

As well all know by now, the Bruins are coming off an overtime win against the Edmonton Oilers last night. After the win they promptly flew to Vancouver, so not much in the way of a morning skate. Expect the normal lines with Tim Thomas between the pipes.

Bruins did a good job last night on the PK. The Canucks power play went four for six in a win against Edmonton on Saturday (which was their last game played). Hopefully, the Canucks don’t see too much power play time, but if they do it will be a great test for a PK that needs to severly improve.

Gun Slinger D-Wide is in town ready to shoot down some ‘nucks. [Boston Bruins]

Marco Sturm is offically in a slump. I’m always willing to give players a pass until the end of single digit games. He seems to get one or two good chances a game, but really doesn’t seem to be impacting the game. Last year, even when Sturm wasn’t scoring he seemed to be at least creating good plays.

Look for, Milan Lucic to drop the gloves. Lucic was a star for the Vancouver Giants, and as I posted earlier, still has a lot of love for the team. This is his frist professional trip back to Vancouver, and with a plethra of friends in the building look for Lucic to leave his mark.

Its always hard for me to bag on Zdeno Chara, because even when he is playing alright, its still better than 90% of the league. I really want to see him impose his will on the Canucks tonight, and every night, on whatever team they play for that matter.

Bruins Previews from the Usual Suspects:

Notes from Across the Boarder:

Vancouver will be without Pavol Demitra, Rick Rypien, and Sami Salo. Demitra and Salo have been out for a few games and the Cancucks have adjusted fine. The Rypien injury shouldn’t have too big an impact on the game.

  • [Canucks and Beyond] A contributor for Kuklas Korner. If you want to know anything about what is going on in Vancouver, this is the place.
  • [Canucks Corner] “It’s about more than the game.” When you find out what else its about let me know, I was too lazy to figure it out.
  • [Yankee Cancuk] Skeptical about his team, yet predicts a 3-0 victory. This guy sounds like a Boston fan.
  • [Canucks Hockey Blog] They don’t have anything up in the last four days, but they got their pictures on Vancouver public transportation, so they must be important.



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