Game 8: Atlanta Thrashers at Boston Bruins Recap – Hard Hat Trick Edition

"I'll teach you to drive drunk and I can't even drink!" Disclaimer: The Jumbotron does not condone drinking and driving, nor does Milan Lucic or the Boston Bruins. Both feel it is accpetable to punch Mark Bell, please feel free to.

As I said on Friday, I was kind of this busy weekend, so I only caught the last 10 minutes of the third period last night against Atlanta. Since my free Patriots tickets for today had to go to important clients, I’m here providing you with some Bruins tid-bits.

My cousin Matt is a New Jersey Devils fan. Since he lives up here in Boston and only talks hockey with Gabe and I, he’s come to care about the Bruins a little more than he would like to (maybe one day you’ll see a cartoon from him here at The Jumbotron). He doesn’t mind rooting for the Bruins, but he just hasn’t adjusted to being a Bruins fan yet. As he explained, “At least with the Devils I know what I’m getting: solid regular season, playoff flame out, crazy Lou. With the Bruins I have no idea what team is showing up or how good or bad they are going to be, and that is really frustrating.” I think Matt sums up how a lot of us feel about watching the Bruins. We’ve all seen games with flashes of brilliance from many of the players and when they can’t quite pull it together for a win, the frustrating part is that you know they can play better. After going down 2-0 to Atlanta last night, I get a text message from Bill “This season is going to be brutal”. Of course, the Bruins and Milan Lucic then turned it around and ground out an ugly win. So, after all this talk about people you don’t know, my point is, this is going to be an ulcer-inducing roller-coaster season. Accept it and enjoy it, you spoiled Boston fuckers.

Onto things you may or not not know:

  • A lot more people were at the Garden for the game last night. On Thursday against Toronto, the Garden looked like a ghost town.
  • Everyone screws up at their job. Even if, its just painting circles. [Boston Globe]
  • Since I missed the game, Jocelyn has the full live blog for you. I mean, there aren’t any games on today, so you mine as well act it out in your living room. [New England Sports Blog]
  • Minus the whole losing to Toronto thing, Milan Lucic has owned the last two games at the Garden. The glass shattering hit and then a hat trick to fuel a comeback win. The game winning goal was a thing of beauty, classic don’t quit effort by Lucic to make sure that puck got in the net. I only saw the highlights of the game, but it seems, Lucic in front of the net = successes…now where have I heard that before? Oh right, I’ve been screaming at at the television all season. Also, Lucic started wearing his contacts to play. Ummm coach, if your players can’t see, it doesn’t matter what line they are on, they are going to get a slow start. [Boston Globe]
  • Milan Lucic did go visit those fans he rained glass down on. Free sticks and jerseys etc etc. Never mind the free stuff, I wish I was sitting right when the glass broke. I most likely would have tried to punch Mike Van Ryn, and then blame it on Lucic.  [Boston Bruins]
  • In other news Dennis Wideman, visited Matt Stajan and said “Fuck you, learn to skate with your head up.” No jerseys were exchanged.
  • “Michael “Bleach” Ryder succeeded in getting demoted to the fourth line. Only took eight games. Gabe will have more on this later.
  • David Krejci may be my favorite player on the Bruins. As you all know, this is Krazy Krejci Kountry around these parts. Krejci earns all the minutes he gets, and god was that a blast he scored on last night. Claude Julien on David Krejci (from the Boston Globe of course): “His hockey sense, his vision, especially when he’s got his confidence, is unbelievable,” said Julien. “What I like about him, especially this year, is that he’s gotten over the intimidation factor as far as being in awe. He’s going after guys. He’s throwing his weight around. He’s really been a good player for us. He just keeps impressing everybody. As we move on and he keeps going like that, he’s going to start pushing guys out of their spots, and we’re probably going to see him more and more.” We’re looking in your direction Michael “Bleach” Ryder.
  • The Bruins continue to do well on face-offs, winning 35 out of 61. They got out hit last night 20-15. For some reason, I feel like the Bruins should never be out hit.
  • Where is Marco Sturm? Is he skating around so fast his teammates and I can’t see him?
  • Special teams. I don’t have the energy to tell you how bad the PK was, you can read about it anywhere that covers the Bruins.

Bruins are on a west coast swing this week, more on that and some other junk later.



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