Leafs at Bruins Live Updates and Recap

I hope the Bruins score this many tonight

Somehow the Bruins found a way to get beat by the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-2. Below is live updates from the first period, then a second and third period recap followed by general thoughts from the game. The game was painful, so this read will most likely blow also. So to subvert that he are the two huge hits from the game:

Wideman on Stajan:

Lucic on Van Ryn

First Period:

  • Lot of empty seats in the Garden tonight.
  • Not a lot going in the first five minutes.
  • Ryan Hollweg took a run at Shawn Thornton, I have to imagine they are going to go at it sometime tonight.
  • Bruins seeming to have a little trouble getting out of their own zone.
  • Thornton takes a bad tripping penalty at 6:45 in. He had no chance at the puck.
  • Took 6:18 to see a shot in net, first shot goes to the Leafs on the PP.
  • Tim Thomas made some great saves on the PK, then a crazy mess as it goes through Thomas legs, but avoids the back of the net. Bruins had some trouble clearing the zone after the PK.
  • No shots on goal for the B’s at 10:00 in.
  • Big blast by P.J., but goes wide.
  • Aftere the TV time out a good face-off win in the Leafs zone by the B’s couple of big shots, and juicy rebounds from Toskala.
  • Bruins look like they are starting to get the offense up and running.
  • Savard on the forecheck gets a take away and feeds Lucic right in front of the net, but gets stoned by Toskala.
  • Marc Savard goes for holding at 11:59.
  • Leafs getting some good chances in the first minute of the PP.
  • Multiple good saves by Thomas on the PK.
  • Krejci gets stopped on a pesduo-break out but it ends the penalty.
  • Bergeron tips a Hnidy shot through the five hole and he gets his first of the year. 0-1 B’s
  • Blake Wheeler and Krejci get a two on one from a great long pass from P.J. Wheeler super patient and gets Toskala on his ass, then tosses it in. It may have gone in off a Leaf or the crossbar I can’t tell, but who cares, nice to see Wheeler get on the board. 0-2 B’s
  • 2 goals in 31 seconds.
  • Sobotka with speed comes up the boards and gets a two on none, but Toskala makes a great save.
  • Right after Wideman levels Stajan. Levels is an understatement. Open ice over the blue line. Stajan with the head down and Wideman just destroyed him.
  • Bruins get a power play from some extra pushing and shoving from the Leafs after the Wideman hit. Luke Schenn for roughing
  • Great check by Ryder to keep the PP alive before the end of the period.
  • Bruins will start the 2nd period on the PP.I am going to move to just updating at the end of the periods so I can enjoy the game a little more. Plus who really needs to read a play by play. If someone actually was reading it, let me know and I’ll keep it up.

Second Period:

A classic seconds period by the Bruins. Starting the period on the power play, the Bruins looked to add to their 0-2 lead. Milan Lucic threw a huge hit on Mike Van Ryn which put him through the glass in the Bruins defensive zone. Impressive as it only took about eight minutes to change the class. It was fairly all downhill for the Bruins from there. Andrew Ference takes a hooking call and the inept Toronto Maple Leafs power play gets it done and Mike Van Ryn gets some revenge and blasts one past Thomas, who had a lot of traffic in front of him. Quick after that, Nik Antropov got one past Thomas. The real problem on both goals was the inability of the Bruins to clear the puck and giving extended puck possession to the Leafs. Marco Sturm took a bad penalty right after the goal, luckily the PK took care of it and Sturm was able to draw a penalty late in the second to give the Bruins a PP to start the third. The Bruins had some great chances in the second, but were still out shot 12-8. Like I started with, it was a classic flat second period. The Bruins pretty much got out worked and we go into the third all tied up, when this should be a 4-0 or 3-1 type game. Hopefully they turn it around and seal the deal in regulation.

Third Period / Recap:
The third period was more of the same. Maybe, it was playing three games in four nights (with two going into overtime) or just not being able to shake the flat second period. The Bruins got out worked for the majority of the third, beyond some extended spurts in the offensive zone. The Maple Leafs made their share of mistakes, but the Bruins just wern’t able to capitalize. There weren’t really any stand out players or goats tonight. The whole team looked flat in the last two periods. The inability to apply pressure on either end of the ice allowed Toronto to control the puck, especially down low which led to the first two goals. The Bruins out hit the Leafs 23-15, but barely broke even on face-offs being one behind at 32-33.

  • To me the power play looks to be of some concern. With four man-advantages the Bruins has to convert at least one. There seems to be too much cycling and passing on the power play, and not enough shots on net. With the fire power the Bruins have, it amazes me how the power play struggle (or for that matter the offense). The penalty kill gave up 2 goals tonight, but one was an empty-netter, so realistically, the Bruins gave up one power play goal on seven attempts. The real problem there isn’t the PK, but the fact that they took seven penalties.
  • I thought P.J. Axelsson had a solid game and worked hard. He had the great outlet pass to Blake Wheeler for a goal, and had some other good clears and passes through the game.
  • Lucic had some good shots on net and obviously that enormous hit. No give away for Lucic tonight, so that is a plus.
  • David Krejci continues to play well overall. He saw a decrease in playing time due to the return of Axelsson. He still played 3:09 on the PP and 3:20 on the PK, which was more than when Axelsson was in the line up.
  • Marc Savard, Phil Kessel, and Michael “Bleach” Ryder didn’t have much of an impact on the game tonight. Although, I will say Kessel does have me at the point where I believe he is a threat to score any time he has the puck.
  • A tough loss, especially with Toronto in the division. The Bruins get some rest with the next game being Saturday in Boston against the Atlanta Thrasher. If they loose this one, or even go to over time with it, it might be time to start worrying.



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