Slow Motion Not So Instant Replay – Oct. 19

Is that a long carom in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Not even these guys would let Manny Fernandez play net.

Every Sunday night / Monday morning The Jumbotron will present you with “Slow Motion Not So Instant Replay” to provide general NHL information and hilarity from the week, so that you can stave off as much work as possible on a Monday.

Another week, another round of links for you fine people. As Jack Edwards always said: All nuclear energy generated today is produced from a process called fission, which involves the splitting of the nucleus of a heavy atom (a uranium atom, for example) into two or more lighter nuclei. The fission process isn’t what produces electricity. Instead, this process produces massive amounts of heat which is used to create steam. The steam drives large turbines which rotate electrical generators to produce electricity.

To the links!

An extensive two part column about how the New York Rangers are old and sucky. I hate the NYR’s, so this is an enjoyable read. [Boston Blue Line Part 1Part 2]

Little late with this, but a good Q & A with the Bruins. [Hub Hockey]

Insane glove save by Antero Niittymaki, while Carey Price misplays a puck behind the net in the waning seconds also makes a nifty save. [Barry Melrose Rocks]

As a twit with a modem and a working knowledge of language, I can most definitely recommend this read on the idiocy of mainstream media and attendance figures in Canada. [Four Habs Fans]

I feel dirty for even linking to this. I’m almost positive this is every song on Manny Fernandez’s iPod. [Going Five Hole]

Mike Commodore is fully aware he fleeced the shit out of the Columbus Blue Jackets. [Hockey Dump]

If I were rich, I would collect NHL goalie masks. Great preview of this years head gear. Icethetics is also your source for all leaked third jersey news if you’re into that kind of thing. [Icethetics]

Ken Hitchcock thinks Pascal Leclaire is a fucking idiot. Join the club. [The Columbus Dispatch via Illegal Curve] (Since we here at The Jumbotron don’t have enough time to give you in-depth full league coverage, Illegal Curve is invaluable. If its even remotely NHL news Illegal Curve has it, an every day must)

Impact of the Canadian dollar on the NHL. How many fascinating journeys do you think Gary Bettman has been on? [James Mirtle]

A look at the current goal and shot differentials for all thirty teams. The Bruins could be doing worse. [James Mirtle]

Big hit on Big Tits. [Kuklas Korner]

Patrick Kane also cries when Cristobal Huet speaks French, and when they are out of pepperoni pizza at the United Center. [Chicago Tribune via Kuklas Korner]

I know I posted this earlier in the week, but it’s too good not to post again. I am campaigning to make Michael Ryder’s official nickname “Bleach.” [Melt Your Face Off]

Face-off rule change leading to more power play goals? [Puck Daddy]

Brunnnnnnnnnnnnnnstrom. [Puck That Hit]

In addition to collecting goalie masks, if I was rich I would independently fund this sitcom. I’d also cryogenically freeze Jeremy Roenick. [Puck Update]

See, no one likes Andrew Alberts. Also, Nemmy may have some sort of weird thing for Chuck Kobasew. [The 2 Man Advantage]

ThePensblog always delivers wonderful photoshops. Pascal Dupis looks like a monkey. [ThePensblog]

I’m surprised Martin Havlat didn’t spontaneously combust after this goal. [The Power Play]

Fuck Mats. [Going Five Hole]

The management in Edmonton apparently have never used a computer or logic. [Covered in Oil]

Things I don’t give a shit about and you can look upself:
1. Denis Savard doesn’t have a job. Yeah, well neither do I.
2. The Michael Peca suspension. Does it matter if he plays or not? It’s got to be hard to watch your team drop games while you’re suspended. “Ah, c’mon I could have done nothing to help change the outcome of that game.”

and here’s your happy note:
Martin Chabada was an Islanders eighth-round draft pick in 2002. He is currently playing left wing in the Swedish Elitserien league. And this, sadly, is his theme song”:

(from Puck Daddy)



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