Penguins/Bruins Out-Depth Pre-Game: Home Sweet Home

Tim Thomas failed to hold L1 and flick the right analog stick in time.

Tim Thomas failed to hold L1 and flick the right analog stick in time.

And so, after eleven days, two wins, and two losses (What? A shootout loss, is still a loss, remember?) the Bruins come home to…roost? Hibernate? Make a nest? Anyway, the Bruins return to the TD Banknorth Garden now that the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus has graciously accepted the offer to take their theatre of cruelty elsewhere.

As John said, both of us will be attending the game after I sacrificed an extra few hours of sleep on a Saturday morning and waited in line for an hour and a half to purchase tickets that, optimism aside, are really rather shitty, considering they cost 88 bucks each. The mystique and anticipation surrounding a return to the Garden after the thrilling Game 6 win over Montreal last April has been lessened for me somewhat, due to my preseason jaunt, but it’s still exciting to see hockey back in action again. Too exciting to put into words.

The excitement of heading back to the Garden prevents me from writing a really in-depth preview, as there’s just too much I want to say, and too little time to say it, but let’s just go over a few things. In video.



2 responses to “Penguins/Bruins Out-Depth Pre-Game: Home Sweet Home

  1. BearBeatsIndian

    I’m pretty jealous you guys get to go tonight. Hopefully I’ll be watching so I’ll keep an eye out for a young gay couple cuddling on the balcony.

  2. The balcony was sold out so we had to get ice level seats. A shittier view for twice the price! We’ll be in Loge Section 20, and we won’t be cuddling because John’s skin gets cold really easily and I really can’t be sharing my body heat.

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