Bruins/Senators Pre-Game: Slow News Day Edition

Don't you get it, Shean?  We don't want you on our team!

Don't you get it, Shean? We don't want you on our team!

John’s right, there is absolutely shit going on. Even Fluto took the day off.

Now, before everyone gets worried that I’m blogging a regular season game preview on a Friday night instead of, y’know, being drunk and on mushrooms, wandering around Cambridge, laughing at a tree (like my usual Friday nights); I’m going out for last call. So don’t worry about me.

Instead, worry about the Ottawa Senators because they just got their captain back. From arthroscopic knee surgery. That he underwent last week. Holy. Fucking. Shitballs. I’ve never respected the Swedish more than I do now. More pisspantsing after the jump.

Now, this Ottawa team isn’t as good as it was last year when it was pretty awful, nor the year before when they went to the Stanley Cup finals. But having Captain Daniel Alfredsson back has already proven to be a pretty big boost for the previously underperforming Sens. Like the Canadiens, the Senators are a Northeast division opponent that the Bruins will need to earn more points than they squander to have any hope of making the playoffs, and judging by the Senator’s performance against a pretty good Coyotes team, the Bruins will have to fight for it.

Tim Thomas will more than likely get the start again in net, as a small riot would start at my keyboard if Manny Fernandez was wearing the mask during this game, and not, say, next week’s tilt against the Maple Leafs. Expect everyone’s favorite AHL’er, Vladimir Sobotoka, to sit while Petteri Nokelianen gets some time on the ice, and let’s hope Matt Hunwick gets rewarded for his solid play against Montreal with another day out of the press box. Sorry Shane. Also, look for P.J. Axelsson and Daniel Alfredsson to share meatball recipes.

With guys like Chris Neil and Jarkko Ruutu on the Senators, will tonight be the night we finally see Milan Lucic drop the gloves and make Jack Edwards reach for the lozenges? There’s no Brian McGrattan to beat up Shawn Thornton, so this might be the light heavyweight’s night. Here’s a clip of Lucic hurting Ruutu last year, while Ruutu was with the Penguins. If you look closely, I think you can spot Ruutu saying, several times, “Please stop hitting me.”:

So, what do we expect to see from the Senators? Well, the Heatley-Spezza-Alfredsson line is a murderous, deadly, killer, really good combination, but apparently they haven’t been skating together this season, in an effort to create two scoring lines on the team. I haven’t seen the Senators play this season, so I don’t know if they’re back together after Alfredsson’s return and that 1-1-1 start with only 8 goals for (even the Bruins have 11!), but that’s still one fucking scary-ass PP, and a forward combination that is, by far, the best in the league.

Final score predictions are always wrong and meaningless, but expect to see a lot of fire from the Senators, and hope to whoever that the Bruins come out matching it. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say whichever team shows up to play for the longest will probably win this game.

Most of the Senators blogs are busy creaming their Canadian pants (pantaloons?) over Friday night’s win and Alfie’s return to preview the matchup against the Bruins. However, by the time you read this, I’m sure one of these great Ottawa blogs will have something up. Check ’em out. Tell them The Jumbotron sent you. Then run away as they ask, “Who?” C’mon, it’s only our first month.

[Scarlett Ice] One of the HLOG – Hockey’s Ladies of Greatness. Scarlett Ice is comprehensive, and I would expect her to have a decent Sens/Bruins post-game to read from the Sens fans perspective.

[Five For Smiting] FFS is a great blog, period. Not just great as a hockey blog, but a worthy read. Why isn’t it in our blogroll, you might ask? I haven’t bothered to update it. I let John do it, because he often doesn’t have anything better to do. I, on the other hand, have a PS3. And cable.

[Sens Army] While nothing is up as of me writing this, there is no doubt that Sens Army will have something about tonight’s game written. And I bet it will be very informative and entertaining.

In closing, let me include yet another YouTube clip. This one from the second year of KnobHockey. I’m so glad this was posted to Youtube and not only on, because I can’t embed’s videos. While watching this, please ask why Swedish Mats Sundin’s accent sounds different than Swedish Daniel Alfredsson’s…


2 responses to “Bruins/Senators Pre-Game: Slow News Day Edition

  1. Nice place you’ve built yourselves here, gentlemen. And thanks for the kind words!

    Good luck tonight! And don’t take this the wrong way, but considering how he’s owned our asses the last few years, it is my most fervent hope that Tim Thomas spontaneously combusts during the warm up.

  2. Sorry Gabe… Meant never seems to not amaze… MY BAD GUYS!! I’ll give you an apology tomorrow…

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