Where’s Your Point? Oh Yeah, It’s In The Standings…

52).  Also, the back of his head is now three inches closer to his face.

Telling Stat: Shawn Thornton spent more time in the penalty box (5 minutes) than on the ice (4:52). Also, the back of his head is now three inches closer to his face.

The Bruins salvaged a point from a game where I honestly gave up watching seriously after the first period.  The B’s probably deserve a lot of credit for battling back from a 3-0 1st period deficit, and I’d be a jerk to say I’d rather take zero points over…GET BACK IN NET, THOMAS, YOU FUCKER!…woah, sorry.  Weird flashback.  Anyways, the Bruins’ll take the charity point, as well as the knowledge that the Habs don’t completely own us, mind, body, and Phil Kessel’s cancerous testicle.

That Krejci goal was a thing of beauty, man does that…GODDAMNIT THOMAS!…sorry, anyway, that David Krejci has a lot of hockey sense, he’s always in the right place.  He just has to let his body catch up with his mind, and he will be a top-line center in the next few years.  Mark Stuart also plays a solid game, and he looked good tonight in limited time.

Big thanks go out to my buddies at Four Habs Fans for hosting my unfunny ass during their open thread.  Thanks for not switching to French during the open thread and leaving me out of la boucle.  I had a good time.

But Claude, my coach, under no circumstance, ever again, are you…GETBACKINTHENETGETBACKINTHENET…sorry, Coach Julien, don’t ever put Michael Ryder on the ice as one of your first three shootout players.  He’s only got a 10% success rate, and although it would have meant a lot to him to shove it to everyone booing him, I think everyone reading this post knew that he wasn’t scoring right there.  Weak shootout efforts all around.  I would put Kessel second or third, to give him a look at how Price reacts, rather than sending him out first.  But hindsight is always 20/20.

The Bruins next play in Ottawa on Saturday, but I don’t think they need to make many adjustments following tonight’s loss.  Other than the last 3 minutes of the 1st period, they did okay.  That Senators team is a much weaker squad than the Canadiens, or even last year’s Senators, so things are looking up as the team rolls into the home opener against the Penguins on Monday.



6 responses to “Where’s Your Point? Oh Yeah, It’s In The Standings…

  1. I think the Garden needs to supply Tim Thomas with a device which prevents any attacking player from reversing direction behind his net – something more exotic than a turnstile – invisible EM field – Jedi mind control- SOMETHING…………….

  2. Perhaps an elastic harness to keep him from leaving the crease? One that would snap back violently if he got more than two feet away from the goal posts.

  3. BearBeatsIndian

    I think it’s possible Thomas was mistaking the puck for a delicious hamburger, and how can he be expected not to chase a free hamburger all over the ice? But realistically I think the best way to keep him in the crease is one of those invisible dog fences. It’s both effective and humane.

  4. I would have thought Julien would tap Savard for one of the shots. The guy’s been on fire lately and he seems like he’d be a dangly little bitch in the shootout. Price likes to go for forehand-backhand dekes, which seems less Ryder and more Savvy. Oh well.

  5. i agree!


  6. first off, great to have Gabe pop in on the open thread. always more fun with the “enemy”

    second you guys will learn that OMFGTHOMASGETBACKINTHEFUCKINGNET. Or not.

    what i was trying to say was the Ryder sucks in shootouts. i am convinced he will get you 80 points, but he really doesn’t do well in shootouts. he has no moves. we used to scream at him to just shoot from 30 feet out, he would have a better chance

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