Say “Hi” to the Bruins’ Newest Acquisition

A Kosher Shellfish Monster Poses with The Bruins' 2009 Conditional Fourth Round Draft Pick, while a robot, a klutz from Mars, and a rastafarian accountant look on.

A kosher shellfish monster poses with the Bruins' 2009 Conditional Fourth Round Draft Pick, while a robot, a klutz from Mars, and a rastafarian accountant look on.

So with Andrew Alberts officially suiting up with “The Enemy” (anyone else want to be there when Alberts is formally introduced to Scott Hartnell?) it’s time to take a moment and look at the newest member of the Bruins organization: The Conditional 2009 Fourth-Round Draft Pick.

Pick, or “Fourthie” to his friends, has been in the Flyers organization since the year 2009 was discovered.  He enjoys playing ice hockey (reportedly), and conditionally looks forward to outplaying his counterpart, now wholly owned by the Minnesota Wild.  When asked about “Fourthie,” Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli referred all questions to his blog on the Bruins website, which addressed the move with an enthusiastic “404-File Not Found.”  Follow-up e-mails were not written, as it really wasn’t worth the hassle.

Other notable Bruins 4th Round Draft Picks:

C/W Vladimir Sobotka (2005)

LW Byron Bitz (2003)

C Trent Whitfield (1996)

C Joe Juneau (1988)



3 responses to “Say “Hi” to the Bruins’ Newest Acquisition

  1. I would probably trade Andrew Alberts for Joe Juneau’s mullet

  2. ::Breaking news::

    4th round conditional draft pick is actually a code word, sent out to hard-core hockey fans by uber-genius Boston GM. Looks what happens when you re-arrange the letters:

    4th – #4 is Bobby Orr! Think about it!
    Condi (as in “Condolezza Rice” so we can expedite the signing of some European/Russian dudes)
    Round (as in “Short Round” from Indiana Jones, to entertain the players)
    Draft – beers! delicious draught beers!
    Pick – probably a reference to the winning $2.3 million Pick 6 lottery number, to be released a later date.

    Best. Trade. Ever.

  3. Alberts is really looking forward to his new strenght and conditioning program in Philly – specifically diet which includes:

    BF: Cheese Steak Omelette

    Lunch: Multiple Cheese Steak’s configured in the Flyers’s logo

    Dinner: Stacked Cheese Steaks simulting the # of steps Rocky climbed….

    Hope the new guy – A. Cond is a keeper

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