Bruins/Wild Pre-Game Notes: DYK Edition

The Minnesota Wild's New Captain poses with his biggest fan, some tall Nordic kid in a pinstripe suit.

The Minnesota Wild's newest captain poses for a picture with his biggest fan: a big, tall Nordic kid wearing a pinstripe suit.

Since John wasn’t around yesterday, it probably fell on me to write up the What’s Bruin for Friday, but I was busy not writing it.  Sorry for that.  To make up for it, today’s pre-game notes will feature fun “Did You Know?” facts, as we cheer the Bruins on in the early stages of an unbeaten season.

On a self-indulgent (is it still called self-indulgent if I’m talking about two people?) note, I just wanted to let everyone know that the record number of hits to the blog was shattered yesterday.  Our previous record high came on the day our Bruins preview was posted on Melt Your Face Off (check it out, if you still haven’t!  You don’t have to read the whole thing!) and we didn’t even have any major posts up yesterday.  We’ve only been around for a month now, at this point, but on behalf of John and myself, thank you for reading this blog.  We’re trying more and more to make it worth a daily visit when you’re trying to put off work.  Enough of that, let’s get to the pre-game.  And the swear words.

  • DID YOU KNOW?: Bruins off-season acquisition Michael Ryder is on pace to score 82 goals this season.  Ryder’s previous career high was 30, set in 2005-06 and matched in 06-07.  Ryder was signed to a 3-year $12 million dollar contract by the Bruins in July.
  • DO YOU KARE?: The Bruins were whistled for 5 penalties during Thursday’s game against Colorado.  Hasenfratz!
  • DID YA KOUNT?: Colorado only converted one of those power plays, giving the Bruins PK an 80% success rate to start the year.  What’s the opposite of Hasenfratz?  McCreary?
  • WUßTEN SIE?: Marco Sturm, Stephane Yelle, and Shawn Thornton are the only Bruins forwards who did not notch a point in the season opener.
  • DA YA thinK (I’m Sexy)?: Chuck Kobasew took a shot to the lower body, and he’s off the ice for an indeterminate amount of time (thanks, NHL injury disclosure policy!).  I want to compare the oft-injured Kobasew to Rhode Island’s Ray, Rocco Baldelli.  However, Baldelli has some degenerative fatigue disorder which literally makes him unable to stay healthy over the course of a full season, and therefore, I can’t really make fun of him in good conscience.  Kobasew just has brittle bones, (and joints and tendons and brains).  This makes him less like Rocco Baldelli, and more like Samuel L. Jackson in Unbreakable.  Thus, it’s okay to ridicule Kobasew.  Because that movie sucks.  Get well soon, Chuck.
  • DAMN YER KITE?: The scariest man on skates, Minnesota’s Derek Boogaard, won’t be dressed for tonight’s game, so look for Milan Lucic to drop the gloves tonight.  Perhaps pretty-boy Norris candidate Brent Burns?  Or, who’s this?  Craig Weller?  He’s 6’4″ and 220 lbs.?  That sounds like it’s too good to be true.  Enjoy the ass-kicking, Mr. Weller.
  • NORDY!  (More on this later.  Trust me.)

That’s all I got.  Enjoy the game.  I doubt either John or I will be opening up the chatroom (liveblog) for the game tonight, so watch it by yourself and prepare to be entertained by our post-game wrapup.  Maybe.  It ain’t my place to tell you what to think.


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