Season Opener Half Assed Recap

The Bruins’ won a barn burner out in Colorado last night, 5-4. The rust and jitters looked evident for both teams, but the Bruins had a rough first period letting up 20 shots, while the offense only mustered 5 shots. Luckily Peter Budja’s save percentage was atrocious in the first period letting in two goals, a sniper shot from Phil Kessel and Blake Wheeler slamming one home on the door front. The real reason they were able to weather the storm was basically being consistently bailed out by Tim Thomas.

It was a back and forth battle for the rest of the game even though the Bruins only went down 3-2 once in the second, but were able to bounce back on a Marc Savard tip from a Zdeno Chara blast from the point on the powerplay. Overall I think the game was a massive positive for the team, as the big question mark on the season for the Bruins was going to be their ability to put the puck in the net. The goals scored were scored by the people who needed to show up to play. Kessel and Wheeler scoring the first goals of the season instills faith that the scoring could be quite spread out through the forwards this year. Michael Ryder needed to score in this game or I think we were going to be looking at a slump. He has the monkey off his back and finally got a pass from Savard (Ryder buried the goal top shelf with a quick release, but that play was set up by the hard work of Axelsson and the always alert passing of Savard). Also we can officially start the blind adoration of first star of the game David Krejci, who netted the game winning goal and had an assist. Krejci works hard every shift without playing over the edge or outside of his skill level and he seemingly only gets better.

There were not many huge mistakes made in the game (an Aaron Ward give away led to a goal), but the more unsettling thing was the few players who seemed invisible on the ice. Andrew Alberts (press box) and Milan Lucic didn’t even seem like they were on the ice. I would have also liked to see a bit more from Marco Sturm. The defense was not clicking last night, in letting in four goals. I’m not overly concerned about the defense as we know its what Claude Julien preaches and we have seen them be a solid defensive team, but they need to impose their will on the opposing team.

Blake Wheeler nailed that fucker Darcy Tucker.

That’s a quick recap of some of my knee jerk reactions mixed with whiskey from last night.

More later.



2 responses to “Season Opener Half Assed Recap

  1. I have to say that it’s a great way to lose your locker room when you stand behind your goalie (bullshit budaj) all pre-season and then he does his best Andy Raycroft and lets in 2 goals in 5 shots. Avs miss the playoffs, at least until Sakic gets pissed and goes all Jack Bauer on Tony (Granato, not from the show Tony)

  2. Sturm needs to be much more of a factor. He’s gone from being a go-to shooter, to being one of those guys who’s kinda out there during the power play but you don’t really think about him until he takes a penalty or gets knocked down. If indeed he has maxed out as an under-30 goal scorer, I wouldn’t be opposed to dangling him in front of a team like Calgary or Minnesota.

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