Bruins/Avalanche Pre-Game Notes

Just trying to get something up here, because I’ll be working during the game, and thus, missing out on The Jumbotron’s premiere liveblog.  So here are a few pre-game notes and suggestions while you watch the game.

  • Michael Ryder needs one goal to get to 100 in his NHL career.  He will need 34 more to earn his contract.
  • Tonight’s referees are Greg Kimmerly and Mike Hasenfratz.  I can’t think of any better way to curse a downturn in the Bruins’ fortunes than “Hasenfratz!”  I’d really like to see that catch on.
  • Phil Kessel is going to start on the Bergeron-Sturm line.  I give it a month.  A month to be considered the most productive line in the NHL!  (see, when the season starts, I turn optimistic.  Enjoy it while it lasts.)
  • There’s a strong possibility of seeing Andrew Raycroft in goal tonight for the Avalanche, once the Bruins chase Av’s starter, Peter Budaj.  On a related note, there’s a strong possibility that this may be the first season opener that the Bruins will have won due to the mercy rule.
  • Bruins/Avs Drinking Game of the Night: Every time you see a commercial for this new “Sports Soup” on Versus drink until the idea of Dennis Miller seems funny to you.  I haven’t seen a sacred cow this desecrated since Thesus took the sword of his father, Aegeus, to the neck of the Minotaur, babe.
  • Would anyone here participate in liveblogging if it was still called a “chat room”?  I wouldn’t.
  • The KHL has shown no interest in taking on Manny Fernandez and his contract.  Hasenfratz!

Enjoy the game, blog-lurkers.  Full posts will resume post-game.



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