What’s Bruin before the weekend? – Oct. 3

Not much going on this Friday afternoon as we wait to see what happens with the roster.

Rich Thompson at the Herald tells us what we already knew about the Bruins PK. [The Boston Herald]

Stanley Cup of Chowder pulled off the upset in Iron Ref, the finals await. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

Data proving the Bruins are a bunch of tough sons of bitches. [Two Minutes for Blogging]

Hilarious bone-head plays. Dennis Wideman, in his St. Louis Blues phase, makes it pretty high on the list. Also, there is something inherently funny about Ty Conklin. [Puck That Hit]

The Bruins play the New York Islanders at the Garden tomorrow at 4 PM. I’m sure cheap ass tickets are still available. By Sunday, the opening night roster should be set, let’s hope Marc Savard’s on it.

Also, the NHL officially opens tomorrow night in Europe, but if it ain’t in American I don’t give a damn.



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