What’s Bruin: Afternoon Pick Me Up – Oct. 2

The Bruins lost their exhibition game to Montreal last night, 3-1. All three Montreal goals came on the power play for Montreal, but still, a solid outing for Manny Fernandez?   Zdeno Chara notched the lone PP goal for the Bruins in the third. It’s still the fake season, but can we already be leery of the PK? (Against the league’s #1 PP?  Not really. -Optimist Gabe)

Tuukka Rask, Jeff Penner, Martin St. Pierre, and Matt Lashoff were cut yesterday, leaving the team at 27 players for 24 roster spots. The last cuts are expected to come after the final exhibition game Saturday against the New York Islanders. Let the rampant speculation begin:

Season Predictions:

  • ThePensblog has high expectations for the Bruins, picking them to finish fourth in the Eastern Conference.
  • James Mirtle slots the Bruins at sixth in the Eastern Conference and catching all sorts of flack for his predictions. It’s all quite odd. I’m on the same page with a lot of Mirtle’s picks, and even if I wasn’t, its a much better read then all the standard predictions that one expects.

Not Bruins related, but a great article about the make up of just about every fantasy sports conversation ever had. [Illegal Curve]



3 responses to “What’s Bruin: Afternoon Pick Me Up – Oct. 2

  1. Appreciate the link John

  2. BearBeatsIndian

    Is it wrong to hope that Manny gets injured in some freak accident? Like food poisoning from a burrito eating contest?

  3. Everybody Loves77


    Don’t you think that given time, it’ll happen on its own…?

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